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Pure Jade Gua Sha Anti Aging Massage Tool

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The White Lotus Anti-Aging Jade Gua Sha is the ultimate therapeutic and revitalizing massage that is inspired from its far Eastern roots. Jade has been considered a more value commodity that gold in ancient China. It was delicately handled and stored in finely lined silk boxes for protection to reduce the risk of friction damage. This is one tradition the White Lotus Anti-Aging Gua Sha as kept with. The valuable Jade crystals are always stored in silk lined boxed for the utmost protection. The Gua Sha is meticulously handcrafted and checked for ensuring the highest quality grade Jades are provided for use. They are finished off with the smoothest possible finish and imprinted with the White Lotus logo to guarantee authenticity and quality. Full instruction is provided to better provide you with the possible experience from using a White Lotus Anti-Aging product. White Lotus stands behind its products 100% and provides exceptional customer service to English speaking customers if a problem ever occurs with one of its White Lotus Anti-Aging Gua Shas. Traditionally, Jade was used to reduce the signs of aging on the face. It is commonly referred to as a sculpting tool that can help light and smooth lines and bags from under the eyes. But the Fade Gua Sha can do more than lift and tone the skin of the face, it can help stimulate a number of acupressure points, when these acupressure points are stimulated, the appearance of the face can be greatly improved and it can also help alleviate pain where it is needed. The White Lotus Jade Gua Sha was at first strictly used by therapist because it was able to endure intense usage. Now it can be used by therapist or home users alike provide a long lasting lifespan for either setting. It can be effective for use on the face and body to improve the look of your skin and your overall healthy. Utilizing gentle circulation strokes the blood circulations is increased while stimulating acupressure points. The Jade offers a refreshing cooling sensation once it makes contact with the skin. This helps close the pores for younger looking skin. Reduce the signs of aging by toning the tired looking skin below the eyes. Jade Gua Shas have used this similar White Lotus Anti-Aging treatment for over a thousand years. The Jade Crystal are 100% of the highest grade Jade that comes packaged in a beautiful traditional silk box.

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