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Vilact Lip Balm

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Vilact Lip Balm for all skin types also suitable for the babyís soft skin. Vilact is all natural and harmless yet extremely qualified for various intense skin issues, naturally without parabens, allergens, dyes and perfume. Vilact Lip Balm is not an ordinary lip balm as it does not make you addicted as most lip balms does. There are no adjectives that dry out the lips. Vilact Lip Balm gives no shiny effect but purely penetrates the skin and regenerate from within. Vilact Lip Balm contains Lactoactive, thatís based on colostrums, which has been known for centuries for its contents of proteins, vitamins, minerals, growth stimulating and immune boosting agents. Vilact Lip Balm is incredible mild and gentle and leaves the lips soft and smooth without grease. Apply 2 times a day or more to speed up the result.

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